Due to the introduction of a state of emergency in Slovakia and the ban on the organization of sports events, we had to change the route of the rebellious monk, excluding the entire foreign part. The alternative version of the route has very similar parameters (96 km, +4236 m / -4236 m) and is as follows:

In words:

We start as usual, but remember that the start-finish zone will be in a different place than in the previous editions. We communicated about this change even before the rescheduling of the competition. So – we start from the Rafter Bridge at the confluence of Grajcarek and Dunajec. After 8 km we are on Dzwonkówka and this is where the changes begin. We turn left and go down the red trail to Krościenko, where the first nutritional point will be located (13.6 km), cross the Dunajec and the district road and follow the red trail to Lubań (the first peak), turn right into the green trail and run to Tylmanowa – the second nutritional point (28.6 km). We cross the road and continue along the green trail, on the ridge we turn right into the yellow one leading again to Dzwonkówka (38.6 km). From this point on, the route coincides with the original version for a long time, so we have the Shelter on Przechyba, Rytro, Niemcowa, Kosarzyska, Eliaszówka and Shelter on Obidza (77 km). We run into the Little Pieniny Mountains and instead of running towards Slovakia, we continue the run along the ridge through the entire Little Pieniny, just like the other courses.


Elevation profile: