How to get to Szczawnica?

The Pieniny Mountains are located far from railway lines, so the natural way to reach Szczawnica is by road – car or bus.


By car

The most popular way to get to Szczawnica is, of course, by car.

This is certainly the most convenient method, but at the same time it has a significant impact on the natural environment, so if you are not coming with your family, but individually, we encourage you to join groups of several people to reduce both environmental pollution and problems with parking on site. In order to organize shared trips, we encourage you to visit the Pieniny Ultra-Trail Facebook group.


By bus

Access by bus is possible from three main directions: from Nowy Targ, Kraków and Tarnów/Nowy Sącz.

Transport on these lines is provided by both national carriers and local companies, the timetables of which can be found on the websites of individual companies or e.g.

Travel time by bus from Krakow to Szczawnica is approximately 2:15 – 2:20.

Local companies:

Didi Trans:


Sioła Trans:

Darek Bus:

Mapka - Jak dotrzeć do Szczawnicy?

By plane:

The nearest airport is in Krakow (John Paul II Krakow-Balice International Airport) and it is definitely a recommended place of arrival.

After renting a car at the airport, you can get to Szczawnica in less than 2 hours. Without renting a car, you can travel by Koleje Małopolskie train, Route SKA1, to the Main Railway/Bus Station in Krakow (travel time is approximately 17 minutes), from where buses depart regularly to Szczawnica.

Other airports:

Katowice (PL): Katowice International Airport Wojciech Korfanty in Pyrzowice – travel time by car: 3 hours.

Rzeszów (PL): Rzeszów Jasionka Airport – travel time by car: 3 h.

Kosice (SK): Kosice Airport – travel time by car: 2 hours 30 minutes.


By train:

The nearest railway stations are in Nowy Targ (40 km / 50 minutes) and Nowy Sącz (50 km / 1 h).

From there, however, you need to get to Szczawnica by bus or car.