Due to the increased number of participants compared to last year on the Chyża Durbaszka route, we decided to divide the transport to the start into two bus runs, at 7:10 and 7:45.

However, we would like to point out that we operate in limited spaces, so the coaches arrive one after the other, they need both time and space to maneuver, so transport to the start is a continuous process that is spread over time.

Please be patient and remain calm when boarding, there will be enough seats for everyone and everyone will be able to start in time. Getting to Jaworki takes 12-15 minutes.

We want you to get to the start in Jaworki safely and comfortably. Therefore, we want to be well prepared for the appropriate number of people who use our transport.

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The most important information:

Where the buses depart from?

The buses stop in front of the race office at Flisacka Street.

Can I go to the start with my own transport?

Yes, if, for example, you stay overnight in Jaworki or prefer to get to the start with your own car, you do not have to use our transport.

How long does it take to get from Szczawnica to Jaworki?

About 12-15 minutes.

Where is the start of Chyża Durbaszka?

At Parking Homole (“under Durbaszka”) in Jaworki. The start has been moved compared to previous editions and is located in the same place as the start of Hardy Rolling.

Will buses also stop at the stops in Szczawnica?

Yes, if there is free space on a given bus, it will stop at the “Koci Zamek” and “Halka” stops.

What if I don’t fit on the bus?

Wait for the next one, there are enough seats on the buses for everyone.

Do I need to have a ticket for the bus?

No, your starting number is enough.

Can my loved ones/fans go with me?

No, only race participants can use transport to the start.

Can I leave a deposit at the start in Jaworki?

Yes, the deposit from the start will be transported to the finish line in Szczawnica and will be available for collection in the deposit area.