Due to the mounting difficulties in recent days, we decided to cancel the event scheduled for 14-15. November 2020. In the current conditions, with the rapidly decreasing number of volunteers, the loss of some coordinators and rescuers who go to quarantine, as well as in the face of bottlenecks in the health service, increasing the risk of death of participants who, after a potential accident, might not receive appropriate assistance on time, we decided to cancel the competition. We were able to cope with legal uncertainty, resigning sponsors, a lot of restrictions or reorganization of the entire event, but without employees and volunteers we are not able to organize the event, and without the appropriate number of rescuers and the current state of health care, we are not able to properly secure the race.

While the lockdown in March, 5 weeks before the revent planned in April, was a surprise for us and found us in the middle of the implementation, we have been preparing for the current scenario for the last six months, so we present the following options that apply to all runners registered for the 2020 edition, 2021 and those who have already withdrawn from participation, receiving a 60% refund of the entrance fee:

– 100% refund of the starting fee for each participant, regardless of whether the person has a paid package for the 2020 (November) or 2021 (April) edition or both;

– up to 100% reimbursement of the starting fee for people who previously incurred the costs of resignation or changing the distance;

– the possibility of leaving the application for the 2021 edition or transferring it from the 2020 edition (directly or with a change in distance);

In the coming days, we will inform you about the method of carrying out the entire process and about the applicable deadlines, we will send a message to the city authorities and the residents of Szczawnica with a request for a favorable approach to moving or resigning from your accommodation, and then we will successively start refunding starting fees and any changes. Please be patient, the entire process involves nearly 3,000 people, so it may take until the end of November.

Take care of yourself, stay healthy, and cross your fingers so we can meet in April 2021.