When you are in Szczawnica, be sure to plan a cycling trip around Lake Czorsztyńskie – it is definitely one of the most beautiful cycling trails in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship and in the whole of Poland.

The “Around Czorsztyńskie Lake” bicycle path, popularly known as VeloCzorsztyn, runs along the shores of Lake Czorsztyńskie, offering beautiful views of the lake itself, as well as Gorce, Pieniny, and Tatra Mountains in the distance. Additionally, historical castles in Czorsztyn and Niedzica-Zamek and a ferry crossing. It sounds like a perfect proposition for everyone, including families with children.

In the northern part, the route is mostly an idyllic ride right above the water. In the southern part, where the trip runs along the VeloDunajec route, we will encounter several demanding climbs. You can start or end the trip with a ferry crossing from Czorsztyn to Niedzica (this is a suggested option).

You can also complete the loop around the lake with a steep mountain climb to the Osice Pass, which gives us a total of approx. 38 km (this section is a public road).