We welcome Mountain Juice among our Sponsors.

It all started a long time ago when grandpa Łukasz sold his goats and sheep and left Stary Sącz in search of a better life. The road was often uphill, as it usually is in this area. When he was resting on the hills surrounding Łącko, a pretty girl gave him juice from the local apples to cool him off. He fell in love with the taste of the juice and the girl, too, or maybe the girl first and then the juice? Who would remember that today?

Thanks to this juice and this girl, he bought land in Łącko and planted countless fruit trees. This is how the highest located orchards in Poland were created, and from them MOUNTAIN JUICE: real, artisanal, 100% pressed juice.

And to this day, the juices are pressed with heart and passion, just as Grandpa Łukasz would like.

This is the story of MOUNTAIN JUICE and grandfather Łukasz.

MOUNTAIN JUICE we are glad that you are with us!