Since 2022, on the initiative of Rak’n’Roll Foundation, we have been awarding a special and symbolic distinction – Empaton – to people who stand out with sincere mindfullnes. They are able to notice, they have the courage to stop, ask and help the person who needs help.

The Rak’n’Roll Foundation promotes a different perspective on cancer and acts towards improvement of the cancer patients’ quality of life.

We know that such behavior among runners is common and never motivated by any gratification, but we believe that it is worth talking about, it is worth noticing and appreciating such gestures.

If you notice such a situation on the route or experience heartfelt attention yourself – remember this person and let us know!

We would like to thank those who make our running world a better place!

In 2022, we received 10 nominations, of which 6 concerned one person – Zbigniew Tocha. And it was Zbyszek who received the symbolic title of EMPATON 2022 for his kindness, mindfullnes and empathy on the running routes.