In recent years, we have promoted our event with the slogan “adventure begins here”. However, a year has passed since the first covid lockdown and we have the impression that the slogan “adventure that never ends” would be more appropriate now. It’s kind of fun, but at the same time exhausting, to keep such a large project under the drip for so many months. With each change of the date, we counted on the fact that the new one would allow us to organize the event in a classic formula, with a mass start, competition at the highest level and unique energy, which we create together with you during this one weekend. It was something we did not want to give up at all costs. But time is passing and the date of the release of such big events as ours seems very distant, so we decided that the moment has come when this approach needs to be adapted to the possibilities …

Pieniny Ultra-Trail 2021 will be held as an individual run with the possibility of covering marked courses with official timing. In order to meet the legal requirements and ensure maximum safety for all participants, the duration of the event is extended to 10 days (from April 23 to May 2). You choose the day and time of the start yourself.

Currently, due to the applicable restrictions, this is the only available formula in which Pieniny Ultra-Trail can be organized and we do not see any possibility that this situation could change in the coming weeks. Your safety and legal compliance are invariably the most important for us. The situation remains unpredictable and a full lockdown is still possible with the closure of hotels, which may cause changes to the schedule we adopted. Nevertheless, we decided to act and implement a new formula, which gives us a chance to organize the event this year.

We will make every effort to maintain the unique atmosphere of the event and all possible benefits. With the current restrictions, however, we give up the classic formula of a sports event, competition and prizes, expo, public transport and children’s runs. You will find all the details on our website, in the annex to the regulations, which we will publish on Tuesday.

For those who cannot come to Szczawnica, as well as for people who do not like this formula of the event, we have provided the option of returning the starting fee or transferring the package to another person. We do not plan to transffer aplications for 2022, because we do not know in what formula and on what terms the next edition of the event will take place.

On Tuesday, in our registration system, we will provide a panel that will allow you to make the necessary changes to your applications or confirmation of participation in the event.

Many people wrote to us that they could not imagine another spring without our event. We too! And although 10 days sounds like an “adventure that never ends”, we believe that together we will sustain this unique energy that we generate every year on the trails of Pieniny mountains.

See you in Szczawnica!