Please read the following message calmly and carefully!

In the registration system: – there is a form available that will allow you to make changes regarding the package for the event.

– You can make your decision by May 31, 2020 (after discussions with you we have extended this deadline).
– Peacefully consider all options (you have time until 31 May 2020), read the rules (included in the form). After this date, we will no longer make additional changes (excluding the situations described in the Annex to the Regulations).
The Annex to the Regulations is available here.
– We are adding a NEW COURSE: 32 km (+ 1500 / -1500 m) – for those of you who do not want to run long distances in November, and 10 or 20 km is not enough for them. We’ll give you details and course profile later this week.

We remind you that you have several options:

– Participation in the event on a new date (November 14, 2020) on the same route.
– Participation in the event on a new date (November 14, 2020), but on a different route than the one originally selected.
– Participation in the event in 2021 (date: April 24, 2021).
– Transferring the package to another person.
– Cancellation and refund of 60% of the paid entry fee.

Detailed information on individual options can be found under the link in the form and in the appendix to the regulations! Before asking us a question – please – read the new rules and details – they will dispel your doubts!

No rush, no limit of entries, each of you can make his or her decision.

Please direct any questions to the following address: