April is beautiful this year. Amazing. Some trees already release juicy spring green, while others develop white buds making the mountain slopes covered with forest look almost fabulous. On most days the temperature reaches 20 degrees, the singing birds drown out the thoughts, and the setting sun in the cloudless sky wonderfully sharpens all mountain ridges.

April. We have already forgotten how nature comes to life in the spring, because for seven years we spend this time mainly in front of computer screens. So looking for the positive side of this whole epidemic situation, we can say that it’s nice to see spring. However, on the other hand, standing on the 25th of April at the start line, where there will be no start line, but only an ordinary bridge … It’s good that we all have to wear masks and thanks to them you won’t see sadness on our faces. It turns out, however, that this one weekend in April the weather will be terrible. Biomet unfavorable, 90% of the sky covered with clouds, the temperature felt from 6 degrees at night to 8 degrees in the day and of course rain. All night and all day. And the strongest between 12 and 13. Then we would welcome the winners of polish championships at the finish line. Eh. Great conditions to have a beer at the finish line, sorry, on the bridge.

Today, our dominant feeling is sadness. Good time for reflection. But also good time to transform this energy into hope and something positive. After each, even the longest and most intense storm, the sun finally comes out. It may turn out to be a bit of a mess to clean up, but at the same time everything comes to life with full power and new energy. And maybe now we all feel uncertainty, we wonder if it makes sense to run at all or train, because there is nothing to train – it’s natural. But it’s a great time to rediscover your passion for running, leave your training plans for a moment and enjoy every kilometer like a child enjoys every sand cake. After two weeks of lockdown, the leaves are greener, the sky is bluer, and the forest smells more intense. You can enjoy every step of your run. And as we all meet on the bridge in Szczawnica, I am sorry, then the start line, we will generate such power there that we can be seen from space. Tomek Lipiński already in the 80s knew that “it will be beautiful, it will be normal”. And it will be soon!