Fundacja Strefa Przygód
Staw II 12/17
62-420 Strzałkowo
NIP: 667 176 65 77

The mountain bonus is located on the courses:

– Hardy Rolling
– Chyża Durbaszka
– Żwawe Wierchy
– Wielka Prehyba
– Dziki Groń
– Niepokorny Mnich

Each participant (male and female) from a given route who will cover the designated section the fastest will receive financial prize in the amount of PLN 400.00.

In addition, the participant who will cover the designated section the fastest of all participants of the Pieniny Ultra-Trail will receive symbolic souvenir.

The start of the mountain bonus section will be located approximately 1.4 km after the “Schronisko pod Durbaszką” refreshment point and will include the ascent to the peak of Wysoki Wierch.

Length: 470 m
Elevation: +68 m


For individual routes, the section starts at the following kilometers:

Hardy Rolling: 3,85 km
Chyża Durbaszka: 12,95 km
Żwawe Wierchy: 26,80 km
Wielka Prehyba: 37,25 km
Dziki Groń: 58,00 km
Niepokorny Mnich: 88,70 km

There will be an electronic timing mat at the beginning and end of the section. The male and female winner are those who get the shortest time. Time verification is based on the measurement from the chip, so pay attention to its correct attachment to the shoelace/shoe or possibly at the ankle height. No reading on one of the mats or lack of classification in the race results in no classification in the mountain bonus.

After the competition, participants who won the mountain bonus on individual routes should send their account number to the following e-mail address:

Prizes will be paid out within 14 days.

In other cases apply the regulations of the Pieniny Ultra-Trail® event, available at