We are proudly and officially opening the new Europe Trail Cup season together with 13 races from 7 European countries.
In the heart of Europe, where the mountains whisper tales of adventure, the Europe Trail Cup emerges and unifies the spirit of trail-running enthusiasts across Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia, Slovakia, Serbia and North Macedonia. This year we run stronger as our ETC community expanded with Slovakia and Serbia joining us.
✔️Pieniny Ultra-Trail 19-21 kwiecień / April
✔️Hg TRAIL Idrija 11 maj / May
✔️Ohrid Ultra-Trail 24-26 maj / May
✔️Kočevsko Outdoor Festival 31 May-2 czerwiec / June
✔️Dolomiti Extreme Trail 7-9 czerwiec / June
✔️Soca Outdoor Festival 28-30 czerwiec / June
✔️Jahorina Ultra Trail 27-28 lipiec / July
✔️K24 ultra trail race 9-10 sierpień / August
✔️Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB 20-22 wrzesień / September
✔️Big Bear’s Ultra – BBU 21-22 wrzesień / September
✔️Obala Ultra Trail 1-3 listopad / November
Welcome to the 2024 season of Europe Trail Cup!See our trailer of the Europe Trail Cup!
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PKO Bank Polski Biegajmy Razem has been supporting and promoting physical activity among children, young people and the elderly for years. Regardless of age, gender or level of advancement – sport and recreation have a positive impact not only on our body, but above all, they improve our well-being.

See you in Szczawnica! 



We are pleased to announce that MJP Drukarnia became the Sponsor of Pieniny Ultra-Trail®

MJP Drukarnia covers all kinds of printing, offering offset, digital and large format printing services.

They are also sports enthusiasts who support many sporting events.

MJP Drukarnia thank you for your professional support in organizing the race!

MJP Drukarnia Sponsorem Pieniny Ultra-Trail


During the 11th edition of Pieniny Ultra-Trail®, accommodation will be available in the gym. On our website you will find all the information you need, as well as the possibility of booking.

We would like to thank the authorities of Primary School No. 1 in Szczawnica for their hospitality

Nocleg na sali gimnastycznej podczas Pieniny Ultra-Trail