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We organize our event with more and more ecological attention every year. In 2022, we decided to systematize our current activities and implement new solutions that will allow us to protect not only our wonderful mountains, but above all, the natural environment of the planet, of which we are a part, even more effectively. It is our common good and our common responsibility.

Forest worth a medal

How about planting a forest worth a medal?

Each participant of Pieniny Ultra-Trail® will receive a souvenir medal at the finish line! We know that for many of you it is a unique and wonderful souvenir. And that’s great! But we also know that there are people among us who have already accumulated considerable amounts of running souvenirs, and for the moment, it is enough for them. And that’s great too!

Beginning from this edition, you can decide: do you want to collect a medal or a medal tree at the finish line? Choose as you feel and need. Both options are great!

We would like to thank Krościenko Forest District for their support in implementing this idea!

Take the medal tree home: plant it in a place of your choice and let it remind you of your extraordinary adventure in the Pieniny Mountains forever.

Plant your tree in the mountains: or maybe you want your medal tree to grow along the Pieniny Ultra-Trail® route. Leave us the tree or meet us at the action of planting our shared Forest worth a medal. Together with representatives of the Krościenko Forest District, we will take the trees and plant them in the mountains. Let them grow healthy!

To make a change, log in to your account in our registration system and pick “forest worth a medal”:

The date and specific location will be announced closer to the date of the race.

During planting, we will collect the GPS coordinates of the trees. You can visit them and watch them grow.

In 10th edition of Pieniny Ultra-Trail®, we will plant 10 trees to celebrate 10 years of our shared adventure in the mountains. Let this be our new tradition.

Oh, what a forest it will be!