Over the past weeks, we have been closely following the developments and analyzing all possible scenarios. We don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer because we can see that everything is moving in this direction, that at least until the end of April we will remain in the “quarantine” mode due to coronavirus. Schools remain closed until Eastern, the forests and hiking trails in the Pieniny mountains, where we run, have been closed until further notice. Every day in our country there are new cases, and we are aware that the peak of COVID-19 is yet to come. That is why we want to officially announce today that the VIII edition of the “Pieniny Ultra-Trail” will take place on November 14, 2020.

We know that for some of you this term may conflict with other activities or simply you won’t be able to come. Therefore, we will provide you with detailed information about the possibility of returning packages or rewriting them. The information will be published on Wednesday (until end of the day). We need time to prepare and implement new rules.

For several years we have been thinking about organizing the autumn edition of the event. However, we have always lacked the “impulse” that would motivate us to do so. As always, the impulse came from outside … And maybe we will not start the season in Szczawnica, but we will not give up and this time we will close it as best we can! And we believe that everyone will be safe and sound on our courses, celebrating the life and freedom of running in the mountains to the foolest! 🙂

We keep our fingers crossed and believe that in a few weeks everything will start getting back to normal, and we will be able to return to everyday activities. Meanwhile, we wish you much health and even more peace!