Before the new year we had to decide about the change of the location of the main start-finish zone in Szczawnica. At the moment, after many talks and arrangements, we can officially confirm that the new start and finish zone will be located on the Rafters Bridge and the upper parking level near Dunajec river.

It means a zone will be moved about 600 meters along Grajcarek towards Dunajec.

Sometimes such unexpected changes in perspective turn out to be very beneficial. In the new zone we will have much more space, which will certainly translate into a higher level of service, a wider zone allowing for a smoother start, nicer surroundings, and more importantly, greater availability of parking spaces.

➡️ The new location has little impact on the courses. The courses of Niepokorny Mnich, Dziki Groń and Wielka Prehyba will be ca. 200 meters longer. And Chyża Durbaszka and Hardy Rolling ca. 600 meters shorter.

➡️ Detailed changes of the courses, profiles and GPX will be published by the end of February.

The new start-finish zone is a new stage of “Pieniny Ultra-Trail”. Thank you “Karczma u Polowacy” for six years of great cooperation, without you it would not have been possible! ❤️ We are opening a new chapter! See you in April!