Statement about upcoming edition

In recent days, we have received the most important approvals and opinions for us regarding the conduct of the event in November, so we can communicate our assumptions allowing to implement the event in the current conditions related to the SARS-Cov-2 epidemic. However, you have to remember, as we were also informed by various offices…

It’s gonna be beautifull again

April is beautiful this year. Amazing. Some trees already release juicy spring green, while others develop white buds making the mountain slopes covered with forest look almost fabulous. On most days the temperature reaches 20 degrees, the singing birds drown out the thoughts, and the setting sun in the cloudless sky wonderfully sharpens all mountain…

Statement: make a decision about the race

Please read the following message calmly and carefully! In the registration system: – there is a form available that will allow you to make changes regarding the package for the event. – You can make your decision by May 31, 2020 (after discussions with you we have extended this deadline). – Peacefully consider all…


Dear Runners! As you already know, this year’s event will take place on November 14, 2020. We know that some of you don’t like this date, conflict with other competitions or just don’t like running in November. We understand this perfectly, that’s why we come back to you with information – what’s next!

Statement: Change of date of the event

Over the past weeks, we have been closely following the developments and analyzing all possible scenarios. We don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer because we can see that everything is moving in this direction, that at least until the end of April we will remain in the “quarantine” mode due to coronavirus.…

New start-finish zone

Before the new year we had to decide about the change of the location of the main start-finish zone in Szczawnica. At the moment, after many talks and arrangements, we can officially confirm that the new start and finish zone will be located on the Rafters Bridge and the upper parking level near Dunajec river.

Elite runners

We have prepared additional registration rules for the best athletes taking top positions in previous editions of the race and having a sufficiently high point level in the ITRA ranking. Details of qualifications to participate in the races can be found HERE.