This year, we invite participants of almost all distances to visit one of the most beautiful places in the Little Pieniny Mountains.

So far, we have been running around the peak of Wysoki Wierch, but this time we will run up to the peak itself, it is a real place of power, from which there is a wonderful view of all the surrounding mountains. And because it is the peak through which all Saturday routes run (except Palenica Trail), we would like to invite you to some fun competition.

On the ascent to Wysoki Wierch, with 470 m and +68 m of elevation gain, you can win the Mountain Bonus, funded by BUFF® Polska. At each distance we will select the fastest male and female runner. We will also see who will cover this section the fastest in the entire event.

It will be epic!

Detailed information and regulations of the Mountain Bonus: